New C4G Logo2CHANGE 4 GEORGIA (C4G) is a community service program that is inclusive to students and provides them with opportunities to thank our soldiers and veterans for their service, dedication and sacrifice in protecting our freedom and keeping our country secure. It was founded by a fifth grader in Forsyth County, Georgia, and benefits our brave troops by collecting items from their “Wish List” that they need or want. These are items that are not readily available or provided, but that add comfort and fit in their backpacks. The program also benefits veterans and their families by providing food, clothing and diapers to those who need a hand up.
July 4 2013Objectives: It starts with an IDEA:

 -  Intently Inspire students to get involved in their communities;
D - Diligently Demonstrate loyalty to our country and communties;
E -  Effectively Encourage active, positive and healthy lifestyles; and
A - Actively Assist our military, veterans, and their families.

Goals: To serve our troops overseas and veterans their families here at home, and to provide an opportunity for all students to be welcomed as volunteers.–C4G Motto “You serve, you served, we serve.”Why the Need? Our troops appreciate any support from home that they can get. It makes coping with being overseas easier. It offers them hope and inspiration. It motivates them and gives them emotional support at a great time of need. It is a realistic way to show them that we are grateful for their service and sacrifice and that they are not forgotten.

Impact: C4G has collected thousands of items of comfort for service men and women, and with the help of the VFW Post 9143, sent them overseas. Food, clothing, diapers and personal items are on-going year-round drives.  We are proud to state that we have raised over $1 Million Dollars in cash and in-kind donations!

Artwork by Linda Curb, of Brentwood, TN